“Copernicus is a one-stop shop for financial services in Spain”


The Firm

Copernicus. A partner for investors that assists in the sourcing, valuation, servicing and asset management of special investment opportunities in Spain.

We are the financial outsourcing solution for Secured debt of corporate and real estate assets.

The reason behind our success: we’re independent, we have is no conflict of interest and we offer the one-stop shop for value added investors for Spain, assisting with the fulfillment of our clients’ fiduciary and reporting responsibilities.

Copernicus Group

The experience of Copernicus’ team allows us to offer specialized financial and legal services throughout distressed assets life, both for originating entities and for investors who purchase the portfolios.


The most relevant stories in Real Estate and Investment news in Spain, monitored by our professionals.

Foreign investors not willing to pay the extra cash for NPLs as long as they’re offered all in one pot

“All-inclusive” packages can work well with tourists, but not really with banks. If international investors are willing to pay little (too little) to buy bad loans, one of the reasons …

Stress tests to Spanish banks will be more severe than in 2014

The result of the stress tests that the EBA will unveil on Friday will save Euro banks from failure in its “exams”. For the first time since the regulator started …

Spain runs out of competitive sale processes for the large private equity funds

The lack of mega-operations has had impacts in total investment and the international players are bound to generate their own opportunities The largest purchases are the pending task for reactivation …


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