Corporate Advisors

30 billion with Italian real estate properties, in foreign hands

33 billion euros passed over to foreign hands. That’s the value of NPL portfolios with real estate collateral (secured) that have found a buyer in 2017, to this date, and …

Large Socimis kick off on benefit thanks to their premium-value portfolio

Merlin, Hispania, Axiare and Lar España add over 14.450 billion in properties Last year was one of exponential growth for socimis. Balances from 2016 presented in the last few days …

Deutsche Bank gets two portfolios for €160 million

Sareb has sold two debt portfolios to Deutsche Bank for a total of €160 million. The first one, valued in €80 millions, named Sevilla, is debt backed by residential assets …

Lone Star, Apollo and Blackstone get $15 billion to buy Spanish real estate assets

The largest international investment funds in Spain get new ammunition to increase assets’ acquisition. Spain is their favorite country, although Portugal and Italy are appearing more and more on the …


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