“Copernicus’ top-notch legal team has successfully managed up to 5,000 borrowers”



The experience of the team at Copernicus allows us to offer our clients specialized financial, real estate and legal services throughout the distressed assets’ life.

Copernicus has experience with both distressed loans and assets across the main asset classes including Residential and all types of Commercial Real Estate.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team is a one stop shop for investors and can handle all steps of the investment process from sourcing opportunities, preliminary phase 1 valuation, the full due diligence phase to present a binding offer, closing the transaction and the subsequent workout in a completely transparent way:

Preliminary phase:

  • Analysis of the data tape and portfolio stratification
  • Assistance in defining the initial assumptions
  • High level pricing and modeling of the portfolio to make a NBO bid

This allows us to test the purchaser/seller price differential where there is more than one valuation round.

Due diligence phase:

  • Project management of underwriting process es and coordination of other advisors
  • Financial and legal review of the loans and collateral documentation (portfolio and single names)
  • Analysis of the cash flows generated by the underlying assets/business including projections, if available
  • Valuation of the collateral: range of valuation options, including drive-by, desktop and automated valuations, supervision and review of work carried out by a tightly controlled panel of professional firms;
  • The proprietary Copernicus underwriting platform facilitates automated information flows, reduced risk of errors, fast decision making and allows us to focus on value added pricing activities.
  • Assistance in defining the workout strategies for each case/segment
  • 1 pager borrower summaries Roll up (revision and valuation meeting)
  • Roll up (revision and valuation meeting)
  • Final binding offer, adapted from the results of the due diligence

Purchase phase:

  • Negotiation and closure of the purchase contract with the entity (SPA)
  • Structuring the purchase (where necessary)
  • Registering the change of ownership of the loans

And finally, management phase:

  • Data migration
  • Hello letter
  • Transfer of documents/ digitalization
  • Commence management tasks according to the characteristics of the portfolio
  • Negotiation of consensual solutions with borrowers
  • Notarial and judicial foreclosure
  • Representing clients on restructuring steercos’
  • Extracting maximum value from clients’ positions in insolvency processes
  • Defining tailored KPI’s and balanced scorecards
  • Reporting to client


Copernicus’ top-notch legal team has successfully managed up to 1,800 mortgages and bankruptcy proceedings in their professional trajectory. 27 legal in-house experts supported by a network of over 250 attorneys and solicitors that are able to represent our clients’ interests in 15,000 courts. This helps us to quantify average process times and court costs.

The legal team also supports our Real Estate professionals, in matters related to Urban planning in towns where managed assets are, as well as permits and licenses for construction projects.

In addition, the team has advised on debts in the the largest insolvencies in Spain (Martinsa-Fadesa, Promociones Habitat, Nozar, Reyal Urbis, Autopistas Radiales, Spanair, Mediaproducción, etc.) both in the common phase as well as the agreement and/or liquidation phases.

The legal team manages foreclosures, liquidation and insolvency processes, always keeping the interest of our client in mind. We have great experience in reaching consensual agreements with the borrowers who are in default, resulting in win-win outcomes for both our clients and the borrowers.

Associated profiles

Eugenio Garcia / Head of Business Intelligence / Head of Business Intelligence


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